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Friday, October 7, 2011

Get To Steppin!!!!!

I have to keep motivating you because I love everyone who reads this. I want everyone to live in abundance and health. I have dropped some more pounds so anyone who is trying to lose weight, stay tuned to my blogs on walking.

The sun is out I have more energy than ever. The last time I went walking I noticed some things like:

My heart isn't beating as fast
I'm not breathing hard
My feet aren't hurting
I actually feel like walking as much as I can
My clothes fit so much better

This is where I want you to be. I want you to notice your pain disappearing
and you not feeling how you use to. It takes more than a notion to get started, but once you do, you will start feeling and seeing a change within the first 2 weeks.

Start walking around the house. Try to stay on your feet as long as you can until you cannot bear it any more. I did this for the first week and it actually works. I walked around the coffee table, walked up the stairs, walked around the whole house and managed to do it for at least 30min. Keep in mind, I had about 50lbs around my mid section. I was terrible, and it seemed tough, but the more I did it the easier it had gotten.

Now your not walking in the house anymore, you see changes but not the big changes you hoped for. You go outside and try just to walk up and down the street. This time you are only able go up and down the street twice. Thats how I started, and now I do this 10 times or more. There are certain factors that could be of some trouble like, how long is the street? How fast should you go?

The main thing about walking is just doing it at your own pace. Walking is a exercise that does not cost you anything to do. You can get your exercise anytime you are putting one foot in front of the other. So if your walking to the store, going to get the mail, taking the dog for a walk...this is exercise. Do it often to see results. I have started jogging and walking to kinda mix up the routine. This works for me, but I believe if you walk 30 min a day, and add 5 minutes everyday you will see some changes. Be glad and proud of yourself that you are finally seeing some results.

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You've walked for the last 5 months and you are now trying on those old clothes that you couldn't fit anymore. GUESS WHAT!!!
You can save money and keep those too little clothes because you are now getting smaller. You don't have to feel self concious when shopping for clothes because if everyone is looking at you now, its because they are wondering how did you get so fine. And to continue on this path make sure you figure out a way to help someone get healthy. This will enhance your life as well mainly because you took the time to show someone you cared and you gave them help.

Usually I will walk by myself. When I do this, its to meditate and pray while I am walking. I do this so I can keep my mind off of the actual exercise and focus on the goal.
I started walking in the back of my neighborhood all alone. I knew I was being watched, so I continued. Now I have almost the whole neighborhood walking in the evening time. With me. All of us. Over 34 people on the same page as me. This is good because I thought I could only motivate myself. I hope to have more people walking with me so we all can achieve being healthy.

Walking is so great, I can't express it enough. I lost 45 lbs when I believed I could not lose any weight ever. It took will power and prayer to get going. Now that I have started I don't want to stop. Once you get started I don't want you to stop either. If you can do anything for yourself, walk a little. This will also be beneficial for your family. You can motivate them to walk also.

So everyone, come on and take the first step to making your life better. Turn off the T.V. and lose the other distractions, and last but not least GET TO STEPPIN!!!!!!!!

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